St Therese School currently has one Nude Food Day, which occurs every Friday.

This day is publicised on our school newsletter, school website and through our student environmental teams.

Each Friday after lunch 3/4 Green students collect the bins from each classroom, including the staffroom, and weigh them. This data is then collected to be used to make graphs using Microsoft excel.

Weighing the bins and displaying the data in graph form really creates a sense of social pressure and generates much interest and enthusiasm from the students to see if their class has produced the least amount of waste for the day.

Graphs and results are displayed on Sustainability notice boards in each level and also on school newsletters.

At whole school assemblies we hand out certificates to acknowledge the classes and levels that have created the least amount of rubbish in the school.

As well as doing this we regularly discuss ways of reducing rubbish at our school. Children show their reusable containers at assemblies and discuss what their mums and dads do to help reduce the amount of rubbish they bring to school.

Nude Food Days aren’t just about weighing bins, but rather trying to change behaviors of families when it comes to what they buy. For example buying in bulk saves money and packaging, which in turn reduces the rubbish in our bins at school.

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