Last Monday a group of 5 children had the opportunity to attend the Northern Metro Region’s Sustainability Fair at Epping Views P.S. This conference was co-ordinated by CERES Community Environment Park, VAEE and Tomorrow’s Leaders for Sustainability. It was funded by Sustainability Victoria and sponsored by a range of generous organisations and local councils.

The purpose of this excursion was for the children to represent our school community and to participate in a number of workshops and tasks related to the environment. Throughout the day we got to interact with a number of organisations that we can use as resources and experts when we want to develop an idea about the school environment. We also went on a guided of their school and got to see the projects they have undertaken such as solar panels, a Chicken Coop, Sensory garden, vegetable patches and water tanks.

At the end of the day each participant from each school was asked to make a list of 5 important projects that they would like to undertake at their school. We then had to as a group collate them and choose the order of priority. The children proposed the development of a frog bog- we would have water bugs to observe and investigate, we would provide the frogs with a safe environment and we would also be growing plants that are suitable for their habitat. Once we had our list we then got to get a plant for our school. We also got the general description of the plant so we could choose a good location for it to grow. It is also indigenous to the area.

Mother Teresa PS photo (at sustainability fair)

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