Everyone was looking forward to tree planting day on the 26th July. Bunnings Warehouse in Bayswater were fantastic, providing 11 native shrubs and guards, mulch, fertiliser and staff. The staff spoke to the children on how important it is to have native plants which attract native birds, bees and animals. They also demonstrated how to plant the shrubs and explained how to maintain them. We were also lucky enough to have a parent donate her time and expertise in researching local plants and where to find them. She very kindly then drove to Peppermint Ridge Farm in Tynong North and picked up quite a variety of plants for us. The plants selected include: heath wattle, myrtle wattle, cut leaf daisy, short stem sedge, clustered everlasting, button everlasting, pale flax lily, river mint, kneed wallaby grass, slender wallaby grass, bristly wallaby grass, dusty miller and warrigal greens. Some of these plants are edible, so we will be able to use them in the kitchen during cooking classes.

The local, native plants were to be planted in old raised garden beds which had been set up by a community group quite a few years ago but which had not been maintained. Unfortunately the beds were full of weeds and very low on soil. The sustainability team went to work and weeded a couple of the beds, in the rain and struggling with stubborn weeds, to prepare the beds for Tree Planting Day.

On the actual day, soil was delivered and our parent helper and the sustainability team filled a few of the beds with soil and planted the local natives. These beds will be maintained by the sustainability team, using water saved from under the taps and weeding and fertilising when necessary.

The grades came, one at a time, down to the Pines area where the shrubs were to be planted, had their little lesson from the Bunnings Staff, and then planted their shrub. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they are thrilled to notice some of the plants already flowering.

Having all these extra native shrubs and plants will help us attain our biodiversity module, our 5th star! We have an overwhelming number of exotic plants in our school so these natives will help to even things out.

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