Planting Our Future Woodland With Kinglake Landcare

Once again Kinglake Landcare group helped us with another project!

Once again wonderful Kinglake Landcare helped us to get our school growing. Since the Black Saturday fires destroyed our old school, we have been establishing our new school site on the site of a grassy tree-less paddock. We have been gradually planting out areas to increase the biodiversity of our school and provide habitat for local fauna.

Some messages from the MKPS children…

Landcare came to school to help us. I liked it. It was fun because I liked hitting the stakes in with the hammer. Thank you for helping us. Hamish

Thanks for helping us. I liked hammering and planting trees. Michael and Tahlia

Thank you for helping us plant the trees. I hope I see you again. Jai

I liked hammering with Jayden. Thank you for helping us. Maddie

Thank you for hammering in the stakes and for helping us to plant the trees. Mickayla and Deacan

Thank you for coming and planting trees with us. Thomas and Peter

I liked hammering. It was fun. Thank you for helping us to plant the trees. Isla and Tyler

Thank you for helping us to plant trees. Dylan and Josh

Thank you for helping us with all the tools to plant the trees. Max

Thank you for teaching us how to plant trees. I liked making the holes, hammering and putting the plants in. The tricky part was making the holes with the pogo sticks. The animals will like it. I hope you will come back to plant more trees with us another time. Jasraj

tree day

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