Middle Kinglake Primary School – A ResourceSmart School

Energy Audit

Our school is a ResourceSmart School which means that we are part of a funded program that monitors and manages our resource use in the fields of waste, water, energy and paper. This year we are working through our energy module and last week our Sustainability Leaders worked alongside Mark from Planet Savers to audit our energy use. Armed with lux (light) meters, digital thermometers and fluoro jackets, the eight leaders from Prep to Grade 6 moved through every room in the school to check our energy efficiency. Fortunately our new school is state of the art and built with the environment in mind and we are very conscious of managing our energy use, so our results were excellent. The students had lots of fun on the day and are serious about caring for our planet and together will devise a plan as to how we can continue to minimise our resource use and impact on our planet.

energy audit

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