3/4J are ready, the crowd of people grows, the Minister for Zoos arrives. Cameras roll and it begins! On Tuesday, October 22nd at Werribee Open Range Zoo, there was a Ministerial launch of the new front entry precinct of the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Our 3/4J class was invited to attend this launch. There were many photo opportunities and lots to see and people asking lots of questions. Mosaic creatures, a ticket office bus, a new interactive zoo shop area. The zoo staff were full of smiles and were proud of their achievement. The students had the best day out.

The statues were cool. They have lots of detail. I liked the zebra the most as it had lots of different mosaic tiles on its mane – Monique

I like the new zoo shop and the statues as they brighten up the place and will attract more zoo visitors – Alice

I liked the giraffe because it had lots of colours on the tuff on its head – Aidan

I liked the lion because of the all of the colours in the tiles. When the sun shines it makes it bright. I liked the safari bus tour because we could look up close at the animals and got lots of information about them – Eseta

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