On Friday, February 28th Livingstone Primary School observed Clean Up Australia Day. The school was sectioned off and each year level had a responsibility to pick up rubbish in these areas. Our Clean Up Australia Day coordinator announced that, as a school we collected over 2,500 pieces of rubbish. In preparation for this day, the Year 6 and Foundation students completed a waste sort activity and watched a video on the history and importance of Clean Up Australia Day.

As a resource smart school, this day alerted us to the need for focusing on the amount of waste we generated as a school. Teachers and students will once again be focusing on ensuring that our nude food policy is adhered to at all times and families are making sustainable choices when filling lunch boxes. In order to further improve our waste practices, we will also be looking to expand our compost program throughout the school.

The Sustainability team in cohesion with our green monitors will be working on gaining our 4th Star this year. We will focus on developing more sustainable energy practices in order to complete the energy module. In moving towards this, we will engage in whole staff PD, a student-led energy audit alongside integrated curriculum programs to support our community in understanding the importance of carbon neutral energy supply. We will keep you updated as we progress towards our 4th star.

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