Our school has been looking at how we can best look after our waterways and make sure that they stay healthy and natural for all our future generations. We used many of the Healthy Waterways Resources from Melbourne Water.
We read the book Who’s Still Hiding?, which told us all about the animals and birds and fish that use our waterways.
who's still hidingThen we worked out ways to help protect our waterways and we came up with a special plan:
1. Never drop litter as it could end up in our creeks and rivers and sea
2. Adopt a nearby waterway and help to look after it by planting trees and cleaning out weeds
3. Don’t waste water at home or school, as this water is a vital habitat for many creatures
4. Don’t pour toxic liquids down the drain, these will harm our wildlife.
Then the whole school developed some activities such as posters and plays and performances to show others which highlighted the need to look after our waterways:
water excursion 3
water excursion 2
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