Learning back in our Outdoor Learning Space

It is so wonderful to be back outside in our Outdoor Learning Space. Our Year 1/2 students have been busy clearing garden beds, planting, collecting snails and welcoming our chickens back to school during their investigation time. Most importantly, we have been able to get back outside and pick up litter that has accummulated in our school grounds whilst we were away. Our fantastic litter squad searched every corner of our school grounds to make sure they picked up every scrap of paper or wrapper that was left behind.

Here are a collection of photos taken by our students of their peers and some athoughtful reflection by Year 1 student Lucia.

‘We have new chooks and they are all grown up. In the garden we are growing basil that we can have as a healthy snack one day. And please, can you not litter? The litter we have can fill a whole bucket. And please care for people in the playground.’ – Lucia

‘ Some eggs are really nice but there was a egg that was really big. We thought it was a baby chick but no! It is just a big egg and if we wash it, it will be wonderful.’ – Sofia

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