Food waste is one of the biggest environmental issues facing our planet today. The average Australian throws out 178kg of UNEATEN food per year!! This equates to 4 million tonnes of uneaten food thrown out in Australia every year. Most of this food ends up in our land-fills and release methane which is a very potent greenhouse gas.

Apart from being a huge environmental issue, we waste a massive amount of money, nearly 8 billion dollars was wasted on this uneaten food!!

Who would think that a little thing like a half eaten apple, or a cheese and Vegemite sandwich left in your school bag could be part of such a worldwide epidemic?!

CERES Education is tackling this huge issue head on with our exciting FOOD WASTE activity!!
Come and experience how CERES closes the food waste loop. Explore our composting and farming systems. Act out the amazing life cycle of a piece of bread (the results are surprising and enlightening)!!

For more information on this excellent program visit the Waste Excursion programs section of the Sustainability Hub.

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