At Sunningdale Children’s Center our focus on waste management is one of the first things that we introduce to our children. During our meal times there are many opportunities to learn about waste management. During our morning tea, snack times, lunch or afternoon tea we learn what to do with the waste we generate. Where do we throw away our wrappers, peel from bananas and oranges, an apple core, an empty yogurt containers? Can paper bags, zip-lock bags be taken home for reuse and therefore reduce creating rubbish? What do we do with the empty sultana box or cereal box or milk carton? Can we use it in a collage work? Meal times are one of children’s earliest opportunities to learn waste Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

A class room gives ample opportunity to our children to learn to manage waste. What do we do with paper waste? Can we use scraps for art or collage projects? If not which bin do we throw the paper into to be recycle? What can we do with empty egg cartons, cereal boxes, lids from bottles, glass containers? There is plenty do with these with pasting and painting.

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