Each session the children are chosen individually to complete our ‘special jobs’. The children take responsibility for feeding our chooks, the guinea pig and our worms. Beginning our year, we have begun learning about worm farms and composting.

At mat tome today we brainstormed what we knew about worms

We answered questions about where they live, what they look like, what they eat and o

Aisha – “They make dirt”

Adam – “They are wiggly”

Andrea – “They live in the ground”

Mariah – “They eat scraps”

Mahda – “they eat the dirt”

Jail – “They make compost

We read a book all about worms and how they live. The children likes the pictures of the wiggly worms the best. We looked at posters to give us some ideas of the sorts of food scraps into healthy souls.

During our snack and lunch time we talked a lot about putting our food scraps aside four our worms! Our special helpers then gave our worms some food and also some water to help keep them moist.

Next session

We plan to show the children how the worm farm collects worm juice at the bottom of the worm farm. We can pour this onto our veggie patch to help our vegetables and herbs grow.

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