Hello Sustainability Community,
It is with great excitement that I can officially announce that Kunyung Primary School is now a 2 STAR ResourceSmart School.
Our 2nd Star (Biodiversity) was a long time coming, but good things come to those who wait. With a major focus on our plants and animals in 2019, we were able to achieve our second star by undertaking numerous different projects inside and outside of the classroom. Some examples of these included STEM and class units of inquiry focusing on Biodiversity related issues and completing a major Landcare grant project which increased the understorey layer of a large area of our school grounds. We also focused on building more habitats for animals (bee hotels and micro bat nest-boxes) and had special guest visitors such as the Bee Man, the Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation Association and our local Living with Wildlife group.
Overall it was an amazing venture and wouldn’t have been possible without the help from the 2019 and 2020 I sea, I care ambassadors, Birte, Mercil, all the eco-warriors and the multitude of students that helped me dig, shovel, hammer, plant and mulch. ? ? ? ? ?
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