We have something very exciting to share with you all! This week, M6 attended an event called, ‘Kids Teaching Kids’ at Collingwood Children’s Farm. Although it wasn’t the first time the school has attended, we have only ever done so as audience members. Previously, we had listened to information and completed workshops presented by other schools in the Victorian Region. This time however was very different! M6 students ran their very own workshop that lasted for a whole 40 minutes!!! We worked so hard creating activities, writing scripts and practising the presentation over the past 2 months. Not only did we present this workshop once on the day, but we backed it up and did it a second time to a whole new group of kids. Across the day we spoke in front of 65 students from primary and secondary schools around Victoria for 80 minutes, focusing on the importance of putting rubbish in the bin. Hussein and Peter did a fabulous introduction, speaking loudly and clearly, which set up the workshop in such a positive way. Korina and I then explained the first activity, with Jaidyn, Adelle, Sarjah and Hussein joining a team to help them with rules of the activity. Ryan was on time watch, making sure everything ran smoothly. After the 3 activities were completed, Rami, Korina, Adelle and Sarjah stood up and finished strong with a call to action, urging all members of the audience to place their rubbish in the bin! My team and I felt very proud of our efforts, we have achieved something that is so unique and have done this with confidence and grace. Well done team!

Written by Rami Z

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