– July 2021 Grade 6 National Tree Day –

Now that we had successfully created more habitat for the local wildlife, we started to think about how we could take on the big problem of erosion at TPPS. National Tree Day seemed a great way to start! Our grade 6 students planted out a barren and badly eroded garden bed with a range of different trees and indigenous plants. We will need to add lots more vegetation to the area over the coming years so that we can slowly improve the soil and have a thriving garden again!

If you are interested in planting more indigenous plants at home, check out some of the amazing species that are indigenous to the Manningham area –https://drive.google.com/file/d/15C7f5P9gKQ_v4udBTl8Brx7yGbPHqNxv/view?usp=sharing

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