Editure is pleased to be a part of a project which is helping Bentleigh Secondary College minimise “energy leakage” during the day and after hours throughout their IT network.

In a nutshell, this service helps the school ensure that the network (ie. computers, wireless access points, network switches) is powered down overnight and throughout the day during downtime.

One of the biggest ways it is helping Bill Thomas and the team is the access to analytics which helped him identify the baseline of energy usage, pinpoint “problem areas”, and evaluate the monthly savings being achieved.

This service is now available to all schools and is interesting for business managers because the system can be funded through monthly investments which are offset by savings being achieved in their energy costs.

If you’d like to help your school eliminate energy leakage, please contact Luke Simmons (Education Technology Consultant) onluke.simmons@editure.com or 03 8379 2021.

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