The ISIC Ambassadors visited Mordialloc beach and participated in a number of workshops during the course of the day. Although it was wet and windy, they worked hard planting, weeding, collecting litter and learning about the indigenous ancestry of Australian land. This experience has enabled them to understand all the hard work that goes on by the park rangers and council employees as well as recognise that each of us are entrusted as the protectors of our Earth.

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Following this, the Ambassadors; Erin, Daniel, Osgar and Claudia presented at Assembly and taught the school community about the human impact on our Bay. They showed the students a wonderful powerpoint presentation they had created learning through the program. The presentation depicted how much rubbish is collected by the council and still makes its way into the Bay. It was a clear message that we need to put our rubbish in the bin. Osgar’s stick animation was a fun summary that brought home this serious message: Put your rubbish in the bin!

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