Sustainability at Mazenod

2015 saw the installation of 1076 solar panels across 8 of the 10 main school buildings. Throughout the course of the year, all solar panels have been fully connected and operating with excess electricity gained being sent back to the grid. Mazenod College is certainly becoming more sustainable. In light of this, a new portfolio within in the school of Sustainability was created and this is being headed by one of the Science Co-coordinators. The new Sustainability portfolio has been looking at making the college more environmentally friendly through simple initiatives. 11 dedicated staff members have been passionately involved in programs such as the Green Pledge which aims to reduce our collective carbon footprint, and actions for Resource Smart which looks at practices to reduce our energy, water, gas and litter production. Two environmental prefects for 2016 are aiming to initiate a recycling program at the college which will ultimately reduce the school’s waste consumption. Further changes to curriculum in 2017 will see Sustainability reach throughout more faculties.

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