Introducing Brendan 2 (Excursions)

CERES Excursions is excited to introduce our new Land Education Coordinator, Brendan Morse.

Brendan is a passionate gardener and food grower. Since he was 15 years old he has dabbled in the ‘green arts’, planting, nurturing, cultivating and eating plants of all kinds and is university trained in botany, ecology and environmental studies.

Brendan began his journey at CERES some 15 years ago, doing assistant teaching and generally enjoying being here. As the new coordinator for our Land Excursion Programs,Brendan has plans to implement bring new ideas and knowledge gathered from his many years as a tour guide, environmental and Permaculture educator, botanist, bush re-generator, environmental manager, nurseryman, sustainability advisor and artist.

The future in Land Excursions is bright, green and blooming with many new activities and refreshed old favourites on the drawing board.

Check out what’s currently on offer on our Land Excursions page

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