St Raphael’s primary school has a range of areas including the frog bog. The frog bog is an area where children can discover and learn about plants and animals. The frog bog contains a range of activities and naturalistic things to learn about and discover.

The frog bog equips big stones for children to occupy by sitting on. The frog bog contains a variety of indigenous and other plants and backyard animals. Backyard animals are small creatures like geckos and lizards. The Frog Bog also contains a load of sitting and chatting areas for the students. The frog bog also has walking paths for the students to walk around without destroying the vegetation.

One of our St Raphael’s classes as been creating a Map of the frog bog for a big map of the school. It is a way to include all the research the students have been getting from the animals and plants in the frog bog. The school map is a project for all the students in the school to commit to.

The Students at St Raphael’s enjoy the frog bog very much for reasons such as the chatting ares, the map and all the biology in the frog bog.frog bog

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