As an I SEA I CARE ambassador I was happy to take our two Grade 6 Ambassadors over to Cornish College for a peer teaching workshop.

6 schools participated as the students learnt how to teach Grade Two\’s the importance of looking after our oceans and making sure rubbish goes in the bin!

Brodie and Jenna are now excited to use the tools they learnt to teach the same lessons to our grade 1/2\’s next term and share this message at our school Assembly.

Here is what they wrote about the day:

On Friday 11th of March we went to Cornish Collage to learn about sea animals. When we first arrived we went into the Sustainability Centre, then we put down our bags in the corners and got out what we needed. We saw how this centre sustains itself with under floor warming with water, windows designed with corrugated cardboard facing south to create a cooling system, windows near the roof to let out hot air in Summer and to capture the sun in winter and fans that are charged with Solar Panels on the roof. It was pretty cool.

When all the other schools arrived we were told what we were doing today, The I Sea I care instructors were Jessica and Jay-Jay. Our goal for the day is to learn lessons that we can teach to other students and why it is important to spread the message about conservation.

The first activity we learnt was called Marine Mystery, what they did first was asking us questions about animals to see if we knew them.

The animals were the Australian brown fur seal, New Zealand brown fur seal, 11 armed sea star, the Northern pacific sea star the introduced one, the port Jackson shark and the Decorator Crab.

The second Activity was discussing objects found at the beach and the last activity was giving an example of what dolphins find in the ocean to eat. Hint: A lot of rubbish! We really want to send the important message that rubbish needs to go in the BIN!

It was our turn now to prepare the lessons for a grade 2 class. We were going to be the teachers! We split up into 2 groups and then each of us were given parts to talk about. I got to talk about the sea sponge and Jenna got to talk about the decorator crab, Jenna had to pick a child to dress up as a decorator crab.

We practiced the lessons with our group and then it was time to teach it!

The grade 2 class came in to sit down and then it was our time to present.

We felt nervous and a little bit stressed out but in the end it all worked out fine and the grade twos had a great time learning about different animals in the ocean and why we need to look after them.

We are now excited to teach our 1/2’s all of what we learnt and play these games with them.

We would like to thank Mrs Reid for taking us to Cornish College.

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