Pillow shaped packaging boxes are beautiful and elegant. They can serve as a style statement for you. These types of boxes are exactly like pillow-shaped and have an opening on the right and left side which allows you to slip in your product. Pillow boxes offer a very nice room for storing flats. Pillow boxes are quite easy to make. Pillow boxes can be used for giving gifts or party favors or wedding favors. Here is what you are required to prepare pillow boxes:
  1. Cardstock or any other solid material to make pillow boxes with
  2. Glue
  3. Ruler
  4. Scissors
  5. Empty ballpoint pen
You can follow the following step in order to make Custom Boxes in pillow shape:

Step 1: Select the size and pattern

Step one is choosing the size and pattern of the pillow box that you want to make and cut it according to that size. The size and pattern can be found on the internet. You can print the pattern directly on the cardstock or you can print the pattern on a simple paper first and then paste it on the cardstock whichever is feasible for you.

Step 2: Cut the shape

Start by cutting around the box design by following the solid black lines. Cuts should be as smooth and neat as possible. If the cuts care smooth and neat, the box will fit and assemble better and will be stronger to hold your items. It is recommended you use scissors because using a sharp knife or a paper cutter might damage the surface of your table. Now if you want to decorate the pillow box according to an event as such mothers’ day, fathers’ day, wedding, party etc. then you can paste the decorative paper on the box after cutting. It is important to note that you should use strong adhesive when sticking decorative paper to cardstock. It is recommended that paste the paper on cardboard first before cutting the cardboard in the required shape. Glue sticks might not provide required bond therefore, it is recommended to use industrial level adhesive but keep it away from the children.

Step 3: Score lines

Score on the two straight fold lines and the four curved four lines. Do not cut. Use empty ball point pen to indent.

Step 4: Fold and glue

Now fold the cardstock in half and apply glue. Make sure that the surface on which glue is applied is inside the box. Wait for around 10 minutes for the glue to set. Now your pillow-shaped box is starting to take its shape.

Step 5: Close the ends

Now you have open flaps on the right and left of the box. Gently push the flaps inside by using your fingers. Pillow boxes can be easily made at home by following the above-mentioned steps.
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