5B have been picking up rubbish every week since the first assembly of the year, and we would like the wholes school to help too. It would be great if everyone could help pick up the rubbish, then our school would be clean. If you see rubbish on the ground you should pick it up because every oerson who picks up just one piece of rubbish can make a difference. our school should be clean and rubbish free, we should be able to walk around the school and have new people walk around without seeing lots of rubbish. So to stop that from happening, we need to make an effort to pick up rubbish from the ground and try to get our school clean. when we pick up rubbish we should also put it in the right bin. If in the classroom you have paper and the recycling bin. outside it is more likely you have food scraps, put it in the compost tube outside the grade six classrooms. We will put up posters around the school to remind you and the other people to pick up rubbish and remember that every little bit counts and you can make a big difference to this school!
by Sam S and Serena C

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