Hartwell Clean Up Australia Day

Since 1992, school communities across Australia have demonstrated their support for caring for the environment through participating in Schools Clean Up Day.

In 2012, over 2,600 schools registered nationwide cleaning up the streets, school grounds, parks and waterways. To date, Clean Up Australia Day participants have collected over 200,000 tonnes of rubbish – that’s 4.7 million household wheelie bins!

On Friday 1st of March, Hartwell joined in on Schools Clean Up Australia day. Each class was allocated a specific area in and around the school to clean up. It was fantastic to see everyone work together to help improve our environment. In total Hartwell collected 37.28killograms of rubbish from the school grounds and Lynden Park. This was an outstanding achievement something that all students and Hartwell staff are proud of.

IMG_3631 IMG_3637

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