This year at Greenvale Primary School we have continued to strive towards creating a more sustainable and generally ‘greener’ future. Throughout our journey so far we have implemented the following strategies:
  • Annual ‘nude’ food day
  • Composting and worm farm
  • Recyclable and reusable donations to the art room
  • Classroom scrap paper boxes (reusing paper)
  • Bin system that incorporates green, recycled and landfill waste
  • Signage on bins to show what goes on each bin
  • Book exchange
  • Photocopying double sided
  • Recycling ink cartridges
  • Electronic newsletters (no print reminder)
  • Educate school community

Greenvale PS is working towards achieving the following goals in the years to come:

  • Rewarding teachers for double sided printing or photocopying
  • Environmentally sustainable vegetable garden
  • Removing the drainage pipe from the bottom of the ‘bubbler’ troughs and placing a bucket underneath to collect excess water. This water will then be reused to water our environmentally sustainable vegetable garden.
  • Nude food day every day
  • Earth hour once a week (during a lunch time?)
  • Canteen to only sell nude food
  • Reduce number of ‘canteen’ days available
  • Whole school composting
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