Throughout 2019-2020, we have been focused on completing both our core and energy modules, and have been working towards achieving our third and fourth star. Prior to completing the energy module the school usage for each student, yearly, was 245kwh by the end of 2019 it was 165 kwh per year per student. This reduction can be attributed to putting in place a whole school energy plan which included, keeping the blinds closed during hot days, purchasing equipment with a higher energy rating than those replaced, regular maintenance of the air conditioners to ensure efficiency, installing of smart lighting and tinting of windows in new buildings. As we head into the 2020 school year we have strengthened our commitment to reducing our energy use and will participate in earth hour for the first time. We are also putting in place power ranger program to ensure that lightings are turned off when not in use. Both initiatives will provide us with information to regularly update to our school and wider community.

We regularly communicate action points within our school community and to our wider school community via newsletters, emails and student presentation. We have also included student created signage within every classroom as a reminder to turn off lighting and smartboards when not in use and with direction of the ideal heating and cooling temperatures. During holiday periods all powerpoints, devices and smartboards are turned off at the powerpoint.

The programs that we have implemented throughout the school appear to be making a difference on a whole school scale with a reduction in our energy usage. The completion of the modules has also led to a greater awareness and education of students and teachers throughout the school.

Being part of the resource smart program has been beneficial for learning from other schools within our area and from our resource smart co-ordinator. We have been provided with a lot of guidance and learning from the modules and clear direction on how we can reduce our dependence on the grid.

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