St Thomas is a rural school on the Bellarine Peninsula with a once unique environment including a blue gum forest, a large dam, and a waterhole that is fed by a natural running creek (Frog Creek). With the Vic Roads Drysdale bypass, we have lost access to our larger dam and the blue gum forest was felled resulting in lost or displacement of creatures that once called the large dam area their home. St Thomas wishes to rejuvenate ‘Frog Creek’ in hopes of giving the frog species of the Bellarine Peninsula a sustainable wetland oasis. The creek runs about 80m X 1.5m through the school property. We wish to rebuild the frog habitat to repopulate indigenous species with a focus on the locally endangered growling grass frog and the provision of habitat for the Golden Sun Moth. This initiative will raise awareness of environmental issues including water pollution, environmental sustainability and conservation of species diversity on the Bellarine Peninsula. Through research tasks and hands-on opportunities, the students from P-6 will have an opportunity to understand the impact they have on their environment. The wider School community and Bellarine Landcare Group will be utilized in completing our project.

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