Early in Term 3, as a result of the biodiversity audit which was completed by our senior Green Monitors, the students determined a few ways in which they could improve the biodiversity at our school. Taking these options and presenting them to staff in the middle of the year, the students decided that we would aim to install a frog bog in our school as we have a number of native frogs in the local area.

Our students visited a neighbouring school during their recess to understand what a frog bog looks like; this then informed their designs. Additionally, the Activities Coordinator from Bunnings came to our school and discussed where we would be able to place the frog bog as she had experience installing these in other local schools.

Combining with the JSC, the Green Monitors organised a fundraiser to raise the necessary funds to purchase the materials for the frog bog. We managed to raise over $1000 towards this project and, coupled with a substantial donation of plants, mulch and pebbles from Bunnings, were able to purchase all that was required.

November 14th came around and it was time to install our frog bog. An area was dug out to provide room for the pond shell and the construction of this area was underway.

Students leveled the area under the frog bog, arranged and planted the grasses and other native flora, collected branches and half buried terracotta pots all in an attempt to provide a nice home for the local frogs. They also spread pebbles and mulch around the plants and arranged a set of stepping stones in such a way so that a walkway was created for human visitors.

After filling up the pond shell and watering the plants, the frog bog was ready to go. Shortly after this, pool fencing was installed by one of our parents and wire mesh was also put over the frog bog to protect the frogs but also people from falling in the pond.

It was a fantastic community project and one that is hoped that will help to further improve the biodiversity at our school!

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