In 2020 and 2021, we have been focussing on completing both the Water module, and have been working towards achieving our second star. Prior to completing the water module, the schools water consumption was at 94KL, per student. However, through conducting a water audit of our school with our student green team, we identified areas we could focus on to reducing our water consumption and keep our waterways healthy.

Our students have been learning about water use and water conservation. To better understand why we need to keep stormwater drains clear of objects that can be washed down into the ocean, our student took a look at Freddy the Fish.

Freddy the Fish is a hands-on activity the come with a story.

Freddy the Fish is happy in his home in the ocean. When some unexpected items get washed down the stormwater drain, they end up making Freddy and his home very dirty.

Student explored this by playing with ‘Freddy’ (a fish shaped sponge in water). They then pour a number of objects into the water and on top of Freddy as the story was read out. Students poured in car oil (olive oil), dirt from land erosion (instant coffee) grass clippings and bark chips.

All of this made Freddy and his home very dirty.

Student loved this practical hand on activity. After this we explored our school grounds finding where the stormwater drains are located, and audited how clean and clear they were. If they needed some work, we reported this to our facility coordinator.

Following this activity, we learnt about way we could reduce our water consumption so Freddy had plenty of fresh water to swim in. We did audits around the school of where and when we use water and thought about way to reduce the amount of water we use, while still staying clean and healthy.

Students were also asked to talk with their parents about how they use water at home and how this could be reduced.

At the end of this unit, we had decided the best ways we could reduce water around the school and created posters to remind us of this. This included pressing the half flush on the toilet and only pressing the full flush when needed, bringing a water bottle to school rather than drinking from drink taps and scraping food scraps from plates to put into the dishwasher and running the dishwasher when full.

The programs that we have implemented at the school through completing the water module appear to be making a difference on a whole school scale with a reduction in the school’s water consumption since commencing the module.

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