Did you know?

Australians throw out 4.45million tones of food a year. 936kg for every house hold. All up that is about a quarter of the food we buy.

More than 100,000 bananas that are grown in Australia in a year, are thrown out either because they fall from trees and touch the ground or don’t look “good”

One quarter of the worlds food waste could feed all the starving people in the third world countries.
40% of all the wheat, rice and corn are used to feed animals.
Every kilogram of potatoes takes 500 liters of water to produce.

This is a big problem for our world.

How can we help?

  1. Build a compost in your garden to dispose of fruits and vegetables
  2. If you don’t eat all of last nights dinner, put it into a food container and have it for lunch the next day
  3. Don’t over buy at the supermarket
  4. Encourage businesses that produce food (Bakeries etc) to give away there produce at the end of the day to help people without food

This is a very important part of our world! If we do not stop wasting all this food it will have a big impact on our environment because all the waste goes to landfill. Please try to not waste food. If we all do this one simple thing we will make a difference.


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