The Activity:

As part of an Inquiry Unit of Work, year 3/4 students and teachers participated in an excursion to Budj Bim national Park near Lake Condah in Western Victoria.

This space is a National Park. Budj Bim and the system of dams and streams which were created by ancient Aboriginal Communities had received World Heritage Status towards the end of 2019.

The unit of work completed by the children was about sustainability and conservation of the land. Teachers ensured children had an understanding of the Aboriginal Australian traditions, respect and connection to the land. The excursion served as a ‘real life’ example of the work which had been completed at school.

Children explored the caves and discussed how Aboriginal Australians worked with the land, not against it, utilizing it as shelter, for ritual or ceremony and to ensure future generations would have what they needed in the future.

Australian Aboriginal cultural artifacts were held and explained. A painting served as a visual representation of how the land we were standing on had changed since the cessation of Aboriginal management of land.

The Trees and native habitat in the area was explored. Children found out why the trees in the national park are so important, even the ones which do not have leaves. We also discussed the importance of caring for native plants and animals when there are so many pest species in Australia.


All 3/4 students were invited on the excursion.

There were also many parents who came, they drove children in cars and stayed for the presentations.

The unit of work was explored for a whole term by year 3/4.




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander traditions and perspectives

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