During Term 2, Box Hill North PS participated in a cross grade level session where all students took part in creating and playing Environmental Snakes and Ladders. Students worked in pairs with their buddy (grade prep students with grade 5 students, grade 1 students with grade 6s, and grades 2, 3 and 4 students together). During the hour session, pairs or small groups of students needed to use the game board and other information provided to complete the game. There was much colouring in, decorating and discussion regarding what is good for the environment, and what is not so good for the environment.

In order to make the game board in the time given, students had readymade boards numbered 1-100 and a grid with sentences relating to environmental ideas eg leave the tap running (snake), take short showers (ladder) etc. After discussion students cut and pasted the sentences from the grid onto the actual game board, ladders and snakes could then be drawn as appropriate.

Students then played their newly created game together. Many students took their game board home to play with family members and some remained at school for “free play” activity.

What a great opportunity to work with students across grade levels and discuss the environment at the same time!

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