As part of our current UOI, the students are inquiring into “Human and natural factors that affect the life cycle of living things”.

Inspired from our excursion from Healesville Sanctuary this week, I now have a some passionate Environmental Heroes who want to take action.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Use of Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, tissues and paper towel (unless the brand we use is already recycled?) – this was suggested at Healesville,
  • Minimise plastic use at the Canteen (this was suggested by Miles who is very passionate about sustainability),
  • Alexandra suggested the banana bread that is sold individually in plastic could be replaced with banana bread cooked at school and then cut and put in brown paper bags?
  • A plastic bag bin at school – where families can put their unused bags (also suggested by Miles),
  • Auburn South reusable shopping bags that families could use to shop with or bring school things in (this was also suggested by Miles who helped MLC Kindle shift from plastic bags to reusable),
  • Auburn South Keep Cups – that the parent community/kids can use and bring to school events.
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