This term we announced our first Evniro Leaders at MCC! The student leaders accompanied our preps on their first visit to our very own Native Australian Scar Tree on site. We are so lucky to have this tree at our school. The scar tree particularly limited development with a 30-metre exclusion radius where no building could occur.

Scarred trees are our history books, a reminder of Wurundjeri Aboriginal people that lived in this area. Scarred trees are trees which have had bark removed by indigenous Australians for the creation of canoes, shelters and containers. Students guessed how old they thought the tree was and we had some interesting results (a scar tree is usually over 200 yrs old). Students observed the presence of a Native Australian Scar Tree on site and undertook mindful observations, paying close attention to their senses, recording what they see, smell, feel and hear. We had some amazing drawings and inspirational quotes from our preps, some of these were captured below…

I feel….

I can feel the plants and grass – Isabella

I can feel the prickly grass – London-sage

I can feel the tan bark – Keira-lee

I see….

I see a rock with beautiful patterns – Monique

The tree looks very big, I think it is twenty-nine hundred years old – Chase

I see all of the branches, leaves and scars on the tree – Arivan

I smell….

I can smell the branches – Ruby

I can smell the breeze – Alanna. M

I can smell fresh grass and tree – Khloe

I can smell food from the canteen – Aubree

I hear….

I can hear the swaying leaves – Maria. A

I can hear the birds – Tamarah

I can hear a crow – Avni

I can hear cockatoos in the tree – Kyle

We all cannot wait to visit our special tree again and each time look forward to learning and experiencing something new!

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