The Sustainability Team has been planning a new, whole school project. OOOOOOH!

This project’s purpose is to reduce energy consumption.

But what does that mean??? Hmmmmm….

As a whole school we aim to reduce the amount of energy or electricity we are using when we are not in our classrooms.

To do this we need to make sure that when we leave the classroom at lunch and snack time we:

Turn off all lights

Turn off heaters, air conditioning and fans

Turn off the interactive whiteboard

Shut down and put laptops away in the banks

Each class will be given a packet of energy saving TOKENS.

(We ask that teachers please keep these in a safe and accessible place)

The team will stop by at RANDOM break times throughout the week to check who is and who isn’t being energy conscious.

If the team notices that you have left the room without being energy conscious, you will be asked to forfeit (give up) ONE energy token.

At the end of the term, classes will count up how many tokens are left over and the class with the most will be deemed the WINNER!

You may like to nominate energy saver monitors in your classes (if you don’t already have them) to ensure that the rules are being followed.

You will receive your tokens at the beginning of next week.

Please see The Sustainability Team if you have any questions.


Thank you

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