• We applied for and received grants from the State and Federal Governments for installing Solar Panels onto the roof. (Total $69,000 including sale of RECs). Once installed this will provide a computer program which can show children how much electricity we are making in any one day
  • We made concerted efforts made to reduce electricity use by turning off lights and equipment in classrooms when not used. Eco-Warriors encouraged us to “Switch off”!
  • Energy bills (Gas & Electricity) entered onto SETS (Schools Environment Tracking System) by Eco-Warriors with Principal’s help. Some students displayed this to their class to demonstrate the losses/gains we made in these areas. Use of SETS identified a major water loss that we at the school and when found made a big difference to our usage.
  • Our Eco-warriors; turn off all electrical equipment off at end of the day and added reminder stickers on all switches to turn off lights
  • In order to reduce our use of electricity, we installed air coolers rather than air coolers and block out sun blinds in all North facing windows .
  • Numerous class activities involved children studying Energy in their Classes. Some these included:
· energy trailer incursion
· units of work on different types of energy: kinetic, solar, hydro, wind etc
· Excursions to the local power station
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