BPS – Energy Learning Story

Banyule Primary School had 12 solar panels installed on our BER building in November of 2019. The school received these solar panels from winning ‘Resource Smart School of the Year’. Banyule Primary School also had existing solar panels on the Grade 2 Building and were checked by professionals who then fixed the panels to make sure they were working properly. These solar panels will help us to save energy and reduce our energy bills.

The students also created ‘Switch off the lights’ signs to sit near the light switch to every classroom. This is to encourage staff and students to turn the lights off every time they leave the room. The classroom sustainability leader is also in charge of ensuring the lights have been switched off.

Classrooms also have signs made by the students which are placed near the remote of the air con/heater. These signs remind staff to keep the heater/air con at a suitable level eg- 22 degrees. We also have thermometers to check the temperature of the room before turning the heater or air con on. Sometimes it’s just as simple as opening a window or taking off a jumper.

Banyule Primary School also encourages students to walk and ride to school. Yearly we have a celebration and give out house points to students who try to walk or ride all or some of the way to school.

As a staff, we often turn our devices onto Energy saving mode to conserve power, as well as use natural light as much as possible to light up our classrooms.

All of the initiatives above are consistently implemented school-wide! The Sustainability Leaders from each grade are in charge of ensuring their grade is doing their best to lower our energy consumption!

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