As part of our 2020 celebration for completing all five modules, here is a look back at our work on the energy module and the changes we made…..


At the beginning of the Resource Smart journey, the electricity usage for VPS was 289.90 kWh per student. This was above the benchmark set by Sustainability Victoria.

Between 2014-2016 the school worked on the Energy Module, improved policies and practices around our energy usage in the school and we have managed to significantly improve how much electricity we use within the school. The usage in 2019 was 210.86 kWh per student, and it has remained under the benchmark for the past 4 years.

To meet the target, the school focussed on:

  • implementing yearly audits of our air conditioners, lighting and other energy use in the school.
  • investing in new energy efficient lighting in the stadium and upgrading the classroom lights, over a period of time, including modern energy efficient designs.

VPS will continue to monitor and implement these changes as well as take further steps to reduce our Energy.

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