Our 3/4 Energy Expo
For Term 3 the grade 3/4’s focused on Energy. During the term we learnt about energy and all of the different types. We focused on Heat Energy and how it is generated around our home. This then led us to learn about the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy. We learnt about all the different types and then in our groups got to researching! Some questions we posed were:
• How do solar panels work?
• What is Australia’s most commonly used Fossil Fuel and what are its advantages and disadvantages?
• What is hydro?
• What is the difference between bio-mass and coal?
• How do solar panels absorb sun rays?
• What are the dis-advantages and advantages of nuclear energy?
• How is hydro energy produced?
• How is geothermal harnessed, is it renewable and how will we use it in the future?
• How is wind captured by wind turbines?
We designed a way to present our learning and put it all into an amazing Expo! Some of us presented PowerPoints, dances, speeches, quizzes and working experiments.

The Expo was a success, a lot of people came and loved it. It was great.
By Chloe and Mariam

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