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The Golden Globe Award started in May. It is a gold globe full of little lollies like red frogs and sour worms. The award is won by the class who is doing their bit towards helping their environment. We have the Golden Globe award once a month.

If a class is saving energy by turning off lights, computers and projectors when they’re not needed or really good at composting regularly or reusing paper and recycling paper regularly and things like that then they might win the award for that month. The class Environmental representatives talk with Mrs Stanszus about which class is doing their bit when they meet each month at the Environment Team meeting.

What We’re doing to Save Electricity

By Roan Steele and Kelsey Barrett

We turn off the lights when we’re not using them and all our classes have signs at the switches to remind us. We also turn off the computers at the end of the day. It’s the class monitors job to do this.

We have a 2 mega watt solar panel installed to use the sun’s energy and in Science we’ re learning how to put mini solar panels in circuits and how some things conduct electricity like metal and other things don’t. The solar panel reflects from the sun and the sun has all the energy. You can use the panels instead of batteries which is cool.

At the end of last year we had lots of energy saving lights installed in the corridors and in classrooms. We also installed timer lights in the toilets.

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