Early in Term 2, staff and students at Lara Lake Primary School decided to initiate ‘Energy Busters’. The ‘Energy Busters’ would be a group of students (1 representative from each grade) who would be responsible for monitoring, encouraging and enforcing energy saving practices throughout LLPS.

The difficult selection process was conducted by the Assistant Principal and classroom teachers, who sorted through countless written applications. Many students thought they had the right stuff to be outstanding energy monitors. After one child was selected from each grade we were fortunate enough for Richard Binisnella from a leading local building establishment to supply each ‘Energy Buster’ (21 in total) with a stunning ‘Energy Buster’ t-shirt in bright orange.
Energy Busters have done a fabulous job so far, ensuring their teachers and classmates are conserving energy whenever possible and making energy saving presentations at whole school assemblies. Some classrooms have made much progress, opening blinds instead of turning on lights, opening windows instead of using air conditioning and fans and encouraging children to wear more/less clothing as an alternative to using heating and cooling.
A huge energy wise thumbs up to the ‘Energy Busters’ at Lara Lake who are responsibly making a difference to the energy usage not only at school but also in their own homes. A huge thank you also to Richard Bisinella for his ongoing support and supply of the fantastic ‘Energy Buster’ t-shirts.
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