Wattle Park Primary School is located in a green belt which was originally an extension of Wattle Park with its wooded areas, sports grounds, golf course and waterways.

The school prides itself on its wonderful trees and grounds which offer students a great environment in which to learn. Many changes have taken place on the school grounds in recent years. A number of trees have had to be removed for safety reasons and to accommodate the latest building program. It is our policy to replace these trees with future plantings. Areas around the oval have been planted with natives and this is starting to attract a wide range of bird life as well as reduce erosion The school has an extensive vegetable garden as it has taken on offering the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. An orchard has been planted and areas of the grounds have been put to good use to provide food for this program. The school has had chickens for many years which gives the students the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their animal husbandry skills.
The school has a composting program which in the long term will improve the soil and aid the plant growth and food production.
Water is harvested and stored in tanks and the students are involved in a large mulching program. This has given them an insight into the water cycle and how we can conserve the amount of water we require for our diverse range of plants.
We have signs on all taps and power points to save energy. We have a Shutdown procedure in all work spaces. As well we have a number of classrooms and office with sensor lighting. Solar panels (5kw) are installed and power most of the requirements of the four classrooms on which they are fitted.
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