In our quest to become more sustainable at our school we have embedded sustainable processes into all our practices. We have reduced our energy use considerably which has not only been beneficial to our environment but has resulted in reduced energy costs. We also feel that we are demonstrating to our students a responsible way of living empowering them to feel that they have a part in caring for our planet. Students attend a specialist session each week called Sustainable Futures in which lessons focus on learning and exploring ideas about living sustainably and making a difference.

Some of the ways we have been able to reduce energy usage at Croydon West and actively inform our students include:
  • Appropriate delamping where needed.
  • Use of a Lux meter as a learning tool and to inform us about lighting needs within all parts of the school.
  • Student led audits of energy use and regular reports via school assemblies (class awards for most energy efficient classroom).
  • Use of natural light in classrooms due to glass windows being installed in corridors.
  • Regular shutdowns of “standby” appliances.
  • Holiday shut down policy for whole school.
  • Use of timers for appliances used only in school time. (Hot water in Staff room)
  • Closing doors, opening windows, use of blinds as appropriate in order to sustainably control temperature (heat/cold) in our classrooms.
  • Encouraging use of bikes to school (Covered locked bike shed.)
  • Walk to School Days.
  • Solar Challenge completed by level 4 students.
  • Use of SETS to inform us about our energy usage and help us to achieve goals.
  • Education program to develop deep learning about energy usage. Inquiry based learning about issues.
  • Awareness of and involvement in special Environmental events such as Earth Hour.
  • Use of movement sensor lights for security lighting.
  • Green energy as a component of our energy use.
  • Bright Sparks monitors in each class to check lights, computers and electrical appliances when students go out of classroom and finish for the day.
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