As BMG continues in its journey towards sustainability, the Hub is really getting a work out! The greenhouse is constantly being utilised to supplement curriculum delivery and now, the W block building is starting to turn heads and is being used in Year 9 Mathematics and Unit 4 Outdoor and Environmental Education. The W block building hosts a number of new technologies to help reduce its carbon footprint and also to demonstrate how, with a combination of high and super low technology, the building can be heated and cooled with minimal to no power use.

The monitoring, graphing and interpretation of the data being collated by the small solar array is also an area of significant interest to the both the Mathematics and Science faculties. With a peak output of 3 kilowatts per hour, this system is small in size, but has the potential to deliver a variety of educational outcome in the Mathematics and Science departments.

It is great to see such interest from staff and students in the building and what it has to offer. Many more talking points are soon to come online and there is no doubt word will start to spread throughout the community like wildfire.

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