Eastwood Primary School

Energy Story 2019

This year we aim to complete our Resource Smart Schools Energy module, making us a 5 star school. Our PLTeam have focused on some of the actions in the module such as part of the Audit, suggestions for our Action Plan and feedback about what is happening in each area of the school.

Kate and Lea from CERES joined our senior student group to complete our Energy audit using LUX meters and the CERES Audit Tool. Students observed each learning space, staffroom, halls and administration areas. Results were discussed and will be followed up and suggested actions to be added to our Action Plan.

This year our Junior One and Senior classes take part in Environmental Education specialist classes. The focus of learning for Term Three has been Energy and Climate Change. We looked at various energy sources, renewable and non-renewable energy, fossil fuels and global warming.

In 2019 we have joined Kids Teaching Kids and had the opportunity to attend a KTK event with a group of students. Our staff also took part in a professional learning session about the program. During Senior Enviro Ed classes, we have devised workshops to present to our buddies in Foundation. The topics for our workshops were around energy and climate change.

This year our Waste Warriors are responsible for recycling, nude food tallying and switching off lights and appliances. This student leadership program will be continued and refined in 2020.

As our school is newly constructed, many of the lights are set onto automatic switch off when not in use. Our heating and cooling in some classrooms have timers for after hours. Staff are given regular reminders about appropriate temperatures for heating and cooling. There is also some signage around the school and this is something we will look at improving in term four, 2019.

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