Biodiversity at Eastwood PS

Each year our students take part in our Biodiversity Audit in the school grounds. Biodiversity is one of our Resource Smart School Modules and our current focus in 2018. Our students discussed what biodiversity means, why it is important and the impact this has on the earth and themselves.

The audit was conducted in small groups in different areas of the school and recorded to share and reflect upon at the end of the session. Students were encouraged to look closely at some of the things in nature they perhaps don’t usually notice. It was wonderful to hear comments such as; ‘nature really is beautiful, isn’t it?’, ‘even ordinary things can be amazing’ and ‘we really need to watch where we walk’.

Students were also encouraged to look for evidence of living creatures in the playground. We discussed that some animals, birds and insects can be hard to see but they may show us they have been there by leaving droppings, a web, a nest or feathers.

To conclude our session we focussed on ways we can make a difference and increase our biodiversity at school. Some ideas included, reducing rubbish in the yard, using less plastic when shopping, planting more trees, not walking on garden beds.

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