In 2010 we developed a Sustainability Policy and under Energy it states:
‘East Bentleigh Primary School will continue to implement a hands-on approach to education for sustainability through learning experiences and whole school events.

  • To include the whole school community in the process of developing an ‘Energy Efficient’ school.
  • To use resources and equipment as efficiently as possible.
  • To choose the most appropriate energy saving methods available.
  • To develop a program that promotes sustainable transport eg. Walk-to-school.’
In 2012, East Bentleigh P.S. has been selected as one of 30 schools to be offered a funded spot by DEECD SPP to work through the ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Schools Program to complete the Energy Module. We have been working closely with Kirsty Costa to initiate many aspects of the Energy Module that we brainstormed in our first Professional Learning session.
We have a committed parent body at East Bentleigh P.S. who are extremely passionate about sustaining our wonderful environment and they have supported the ECO team with all their actions they have implemented during this year. We have achieved many milestones along the way to achieving our Energy Module:
  • Lamb’s wool seat covers – cutting down on heating during winter
  • New building – energy efficient lighting, sensor lighting, timed heating, natural air flow cooling (no air con)
  • Indigenous gardens as part of a carbon sink – these are highlighted in our Core and Biodiversity Module case studies
  • Solar panels – installed in 2010 though have only recently been feeding back into our grid.
  • Thermometer in each classroom – to measure and monitor the temperature
  • Signage in each room – to remind students to turn off electrical items
  • Routine for putting SETS data online with students helping as a curriculum activity – this was incorporated in numeracy sessions and students now have ownership of this data.
  • Walking School Bus
Here at East Bentleigh, we would love to initiate ‘Walk/Ride to school’ programs though we found it difficult to get students involved as many of our families travel vast distance to access our Steiner curriculum we offer.
Our school offers a dual curriculum here at East Bentleigh – Steiner and Mainstream. To access the Steiner curriculum we have families travelling over 30 minutes to attend our school.
After brainstorming with our ECO team we instigated a walking school bus every Wednesday morning. Two enthusiastic staff members meet families at a park approximately one kilometre from the school and walk to school.
We are aiming for 50 students by the end of 2012 to meet us at the park and walk to school. Our highest number of participants has been 35 so far but we are confident that as the weather warms up we will see a vast increase in walkers. It is amazing what you can achieve with some enthusiasm!
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