Donburn Primary school opened in Doncaster East in 1973. Since then, we have achieved high standards in education and values. One of the most important values that we strive to achieve is improving our sustainability practices and improve and preserve the natural environment around us.

This year, we have been working towards our Biodiversity accreditation as a ResourceSmart school. The gardens and surroundings at Donburn have always been an asset to the school, with tall Eucalypts and Melaleuca scrub lining the perimeter and low lying native garden beds offering the students peaceful and beautiful play areas.
After our Biodiversity audit through Greening Australia, we decided to increase the school’s indigenous flora by building an Indigenous garden bed in an area more noted for exotic species. The sustainability leaders (students) began by offering suggestions for the design and species to be included. They decided to create a garden that included plants that have traditional Aboriginal uses and bush foods. The students researched specific species to investigate how the local Aborigines would use the plants found in the local area. The students created a list of plants which were kindly donated by Indigenous plant nursery EcoDynamics and Bunnings.
The garden was carefully built and planted by grade 3/4 students over a course of 2 weeks. Students were able to develop planting and gardening skills, and develop a sense of ownership towards the school’s new garden. This newfound ownership enabled teachers to conduct a very popular ‘garden club’ with the students twice a week.
Students, staff and parents have decided to compliment the finished garden space with Indigenous artwork. Currently, students are creating traditional dot paintings on recycled CD’s, to create a mural behind the garden.
Once, the project is completed, we hope it will constantly evolve whilst providing a place of tranquillity, inspiration and learning for students. The project could not have been completed without the ongoing support and donations from our generous parents and staff.
Donburn Primary School was sponsored by Manningham City Council to undertake the Biodiversity Module, with facilitation from CERES.
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