Do More With Less Incursion

On Tuesday 19th June the ELF’s (Environmental Leaders of the Future) had a ‘Do More With Less’ incursion about waste, courtesy of Frankston Council and CERES. Alice from CERES came to talk to us about ways we can improve our habits when it comes to waste.

We played a few games and at the same time learnt a lot about reducing waste.

Alice provided us with a challenge- We had to upcycle items that would normally go into the landfill bin. We all had to be very creative with what we made. Some groups made musical instruments and others made household items and some made adventure parks. We used up all the rubbish and presented it to the other ELF’s!

We were divided into four groups to look at parts of the school where litter could be found. We discovered that litter often gets caught in the drains and the wind funnels rubbish into particular areas of the school. One group investigated the contents of classroom bins and found that most were correct however there was room for improvement. Tissues seemed to be the biggest problem. They need to go in landfill! Straws from the juice boxes contaminated the mixed recycling bins as they also need to go in landfill.

We watched a funny clip (a mockumentary) about The Majestic Plastic Bag here’s the clip.

It was about the journey of a plastic bag through the streets, parks and waterways.

All the ELF’s learnt that mandarin peels are allowed in the fruit scrap bin. Alice told us that the citrus inside the mandarin is not suitable for the worms however the skin is okay. So instead of throwing the mandarin skin in landfill you can put it in the fruit scraps bin [make sure you don’t put the inside of the mandarin in the fruit scraps].

St. Jude’s students had a wonderful day with Alice! Thanks CERES and Frankston Council for supporting us!

St.Jude’s Doing More With Less!

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