This project was a component of ‘Plastic No More’. It is about phasing out all single-use plastic in the school. We found that the most plastic being used is in the canteen. So we decided to commence here with BYO Cutlery Campaign. Over time we gained many more passionate helpers. We can’t phase out all plastic in the school because we are in Year 6 and have very little weeks left but we can reduce the plastic intake we have and hopefully this goal is achieved by other Green Team members in the future.

So far we have phased out cutlery in the canteen. We realised that we needed to supersede it with something else in case someone forgot to bring cutlery to school and the staff room didn’t have enough cutlery so we asked for families to donate cutlery and we have received 260 cutlery donations. Each grade has a box of cutlery to utilise in case anyone forgot to bring their own cutlery. We are thrilled with the result and now there is no plastic cutlery being utilised in the canteen. After the fair is over we will be targeting to reduce another major plastic use in the school.

Lily and the Green Team

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